SSE, Providing a Better Deal for Clubs

SSE is the Official Energy Partner of English Rugby and a National Community Partner of the RFU. In the first year of our RFU partnership we asked you what your club needs to make life easier. There was one overwhelming response that we couldn’t ignore, to support you in energy efficiency measures and save you money on your energy bills - savings that can be diverted back into your club.

SSE Rugby Energy is an initiative developed in partnership with the RFU and Utility Aid. SSE understands that you have a lot on your plate running your rugby club and don't necessarily have the resources to research the best energy supply contracts, which is why we have teamed up with Utility Aid who can do all this for you. Utility Aid is an energy consultancy whose staff have years of industry experience and work in partnership with major energy suppliers like SSE.

Like rugby players themselves we know that clubs come in all shapes and sizes with varying energy needs. SSE Rugby Energy is a commitment to provide rugby clubs across England with a unique energy package based on your club's bespoke requirements and to ensure English rugby clubs are in a stronger buying position collectively in the future by offering to put them on the same buying cycle.

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So how does it work?

Energy prices have risen over recent years and if your club has been on a fixed contract you will have been protected from these increases. If your club's contract is due to expire you can expect to see a rise in costs, which is where SSE Rugby Energy comes in.

Give Utility Aid a call today. Utility Aid will offer you advice on your current contract, clarity on current market energy prices and will negotiate on your behalf with SSE. For transparency Utility Aid will benchmark the SSE offer against other energy providers and will take you through the comparable offers. If the benchmarked comparable offers are a better deal than the SSE negotiated package, SSE will endeavour to price match so that you don’t miss out on the chance to get on the collective club buying cycle.

Energy prices are subject to change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis and SSE may not always be the cheapest contract available right now. However, SSE is the main energy provider committed to making English rugby clubs more sustainable in the long-term. To deliver on this commitment SSE is working to move all the clubs that we supply onto the same buying cycle over three years. This will see clubs strengthen their buying power as a collective and ultimately get a better deal on energy purchasing.

More benefits of SSE Rugby Energy

Last year you also told us you wanted rewards for your club and players and we haven’t forgotten about this either. Every club that signs up to an SSE contract via Utility Aid will go into a monthly prize draw to win training kits, match balls and more.

Utility Aid

Utility Aid is an award winning, highly motivated energy consultancy which has dedicated itself to helping the charity and not for profit sector since its inception 14 years ago.

Utility Aid boasts some of the most dedicated professionals who have helped thousands of clients save millions of pounds on their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and their risk to future higher energy costs by reducing their energy dependency.

What is collective purchasing?

Collective purchasing is when consumers/organisations get together to negotiate a group deal with their gas and electricity suppliers.

Energy costs are rising and individual rugby clubs have little power to negotiate with energy suppliers. As a group rugby clubs will have greater bargaining power which will make it easier to get the best deal and savings on your energy bills.

By going on contract with SSE via Utility Aid we are making it easier for English Rugby Clubs to collectively purchase and negotiate a group deal with SSE in the future. Utility Aid is looking to move all the clubs that are on supply with SSE to the same buying cycle over three years.


  • A unique energy package, bespoke to your club’s requirements
  • Benefits of collective purchasing in the future
  • The chance to win additional rugby rewards like training and match kits